Rain gauges in Iowa filled up about twice as fast as normal in May. State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says an average of six-point-eight-two inches of rain fell in May, the statewide average is three-point-nine-eight inches. Hillaker says the state’s pulled out of what had been a dry pattern in 2000.March is the only month in the last seven to have below average rainfall. Hillaker says the numbers show a normal May temperature wise — but he says it’s a case of statistics not telling the whole story. The first 20 days of the month were much warmer than normal — then things cooled off and May finished just about average. Hillaker says 2001 has been a 50-50 proposition thus far. Hillaker says we shouldn’t expect a huge warm up this month.He’s still predicting a cooler and wetter than normal summer, but says it’ll only be a few degrees cooler. He says there is a good side to the cool weather as it has kept down the number of severe storms thus far this spring, as warm weather is what generates the storms.