Spring floodwaters may be old news, but continuing rains have kept water coming to Iowa, more than anyone wants. The water level is 24 feet higher than normal on Lake Red Rock in south central Iowa. Forest Ranger Emily Bowen (bone) says that’s keeping a lot of dangerous debris afloat.She says they’ve pulled twigs, trees and even a refrigerator from the lake this spring. And the high waters are cold, which poses another danger to boaters and swimmers, hypothermia.The ranger says water doesn’t have to be frozen to pose a risk of dangerous chill. And while there’s little danger of wildfires in the continuing rainy weather, Bowen reminds campers that they still can’t just build a campfire anywhere they please.Campfires are only allowed in designated fire rings or camping grills installed at campsites. Bowen says we may not like the rain, but it’s not keeping Iowans from their parks.Memorial Day the park was packed, she says, and though rain’s keeping down the number of campers, they’re still coming out. Advice for campers and swimmers as well from the Army Corps of Engineers includes dressing for the cold weather, and always telling someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back.