A Des Moines woman plans to jump out of a plane this weekend to fulfill her dead brother’s last wish. He loved the thrill of skydiving and before Vince Carr died of diabetes in December, his younger sister suggested -she- go skydiving to spread his cremains. So on Sunday, Lori Carr will fly with a friend over Brooklyn, Iowa, to do a tandem jump and dump the ashes during freefall.42-year-old Lori Carr knows it’ll be an emotional experience at 13-thousand feet. She’s gone skydiving twice before — and didn’t like it — but will go once more for her brother. Despite many health problems, 47-year-old Vince Carr loved the sport of skydiving.Carr suffered from diabetes, glaucoma, kidney failure and he’d had a lung removed and both legs amputated. At her brother’s request, Lori will spread not only his ashes, but also those of his favorite dog.As Carr skydives, her mother will be at the Brooklyn airport to play a recording of the song “Dust in the Wind” by the band Kansas.