School may be out for summer, but the school cafeteria’s open for business, in at least thirteen city districts around the state. Food and Nutrition bureau consultant Patty Harding says kids who qualify can get a cafeteria meal for free, or for a small price.A call to the local school or district headquarters can clarify whether the local lunchroom is offering a summer lunch program, and a few even offer breakfast. Harding says this has nothing to do with kids who may be taking summer-school classes.In regular summer school they just have the regular school-lunch service, for kids taking classes. The state Education Department’s summer food service program is offered in neighborhoods where a high number of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches during the regular year.Some are free, some charge a small price, and a few of the programs will let parents buy a ticket for a summer school lunch of their own. Local school districts can direct families to the summer lunch program in their area.