President Bush signed the tax relief bill into law Thursday and that means most of us will be getting a check from Uncle Sam. The rebate checks will add up to a maximum of 300-dollars for each individual taxpayer. You don’t have to fill anything out to get the check –just pick it up at your mailbox. The checks are being distributed based on the last two digits of your social security number. Rebates for those with numbers ending in 00 to 09 will be mailed by the U-S Treasury the week of July 23rd. Those whose numbers end in 90 to 99 will have to wait until the week of September 24th. How much relief are you getting? At the maximum 300 dollars you could buy just over 171 gallons of gas at last month’s statewide average of a-dollar-75 a gallon. You could buy 882 first class stamps, or around 150 pounds of ground beef at a-dollar-ninety-nine a pound.