The Iowa chapter of an agency that tries to enrich the lives of older people is promoting a statewide Grandparent/Grandchild Golf Festival. A-A-R-P state director Bruce Koeppl says participants can play a round of golf on any course in Iowa over the next month.Koeppl says the golf festival is not a tournament and people aren’t competing for the best score. All registered participants get some nice bonuses for taking part and will be registered for a free set of tickets to the Senior P-G-A Tour event in Des Moines this fall.Golfers can call the A-A-R-P office to register at (515) 267-8956 or go online to the website at “” to register electronically.Koeppl says the grandparent/grandchild teams can even play a round of miniature golf. The goal is just to get the generations out together and enjoying themselves.