Opponents of Des Moines’ proposed changes to the city Human Rights code will rally this afternoon outside the city hall. Chad Thompson, spokesman for the Iowa Family Policy Center, says the issue extends beyond the city of Des Moines. He says there are thousands of supporters that they represent across the state.Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Ames already have changed their anti-discrimination ordinances to include sexual preference, another reason Thompson says it’s a statewide issue. Thompson says there’s always discrimination, and gays shouldn’t be added to the Des Moines human rights code. He says people need to be taught to respect each other. He says it can’t be done by enacting a law.Thompson says the Family Policy Center isn’t against gays. He says there are a lot of homosexuals that think Christians or the Center hate them. He blames “the media” for quoting only hateful remarks, and leaving out their concern for people who struggle with homosexuality. Thompson says the center wants to help any homosexual who wants to change.