Operators of the Ankeny Municipal Airport are beginning construction on an aviation museum, with help from a state grant totaling nearly 50-thousand dollars. Michelle McEnany is the Director of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation. She says the Ankeny grant is part of a yearly package totaling a half-million dollars that’s gone to small local airfields since 1997.She says everyone understands how important an airport is where there’s scheduled airline service, but says there’s a big role for a small airport in a local community. McEnany says an airport can even be a factor in a business choosing a town to locate.She says a lot of businesses use a private plane or jet to carry staff and even cargo. McEnany says the D-O-T’s Aviation Office would like to see more towns build aviation museums or centers like Ankeny’s doing.In addition to the grant for the Ankeny airport, half a dozen local enthusiasts are paying part of the cost for the hangar that will house several World War Two “warbird” planes and provide a place to restore others.