With petroleum prices on the rise, all sorts of petroleum-based products are getting more expensive, too. Iowa State University researchers are trying to substitute soybeans for petroleum that’s used in industrial glue to bind things like plywood and molded woods. Dr. Deland Meyers from the Center for Crops Utilization Research at Iowa State University is a key researcher on the project. He says the adhesive is cheaper than others, they now need to test its performance to make sure it measures up to industry needs. Dr. Meyers says the soy glue could be used in several building products, included several types of wood and molded wood products.Using soybean-based glue will give soybean farmers another place to market their soybean products, and another advantage: researchers are finding the soy-based glue is safer for workers as it doesn’t emit formaldehyde like other glues.Researchers at Iowa State are working closely with the Iowa Soybean Council to get the product on the market, perhaps as soon as next year.