You may have noticed more insects bugging you outdoors this year — that’s because conditions have been perfect for insect breeding. Iowa State University entomologist Ken Holscher says it’s been just wet enough for mosquitoes.But, Holscher says two other types of biting insects have been “bugging” people more this year than in the past. The black fly and the stable fly are out in droves, and they’re not responsive to repellants. Holscher says unfortunately, the flies may be around ’til fall if we keep getting rain. If you’re using citronella candles to keep biting insects away, Holscher says it must be completely calm weather for the citronella to be effective.Some bug experts advise picnickers to set out a separate plate full of food for uninvited insect guests, away from the people-table, in hopes the bugs will be attracted to the decoy plate and not yours. Holscher says it’s worth a try, but he wouldn’t recommend it.Holscher says using repellents, covering exposed skin, and staying away from places bugs thrive are good methods of preventing bites.