There’s a scare over a bear in northeast Iowa. The large black bear has been spotted lumbering southward, through Allamakee, Clayton and Dubuque counties, according to D-N-R officer Mike Overson. It was initially spotted near New Albin, and then it made its way south down the Mississippi River were it was seen in Dubuque.Overson says a warning is going out to area residents: they should not let young children play outdoors unattended and any food or garbage left out overnight might attract the bear. So far, Overson says the 200-pound bear hasn’t caused any trouble. He says as long as someone doesn’t get too close, the bear should stay away.Overson says there is no plan to try and capture it. He says the bear likely wandered into Iowa from Wisconsin or Minnesota. It’s the first time Overson’s heard of a bear in his area in the 20-plus years he’s been with the D-N-R.