Two thousand members of the American Council of the Blind and their guide dogs are coming to Iowa later this week for the Council’s National Convention. Rob Johnson of the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau says there is one thing his city has that will make things easier for the visitors, skywalks, which will help them move through the city.The city is gearing up for the extra people — plus the 400 or so seeing eye dogs that are expected to arrive June 30th. Johnson says things are coming together, and they are expected to run smoothly.Some of the activities planned include trips to the Amana Colonies and the Bridges of Madison County. Donna Seliger, a local coordinator of the American Council of the Blind, says the extra dogs in the city won’t be a problem, but dogs do get cranky sometimes just like people do. But, she says generally speaking, the dogs are well behaved.Des Moines residents are being asked to watch out for the visually impaired as they are driving through the city June 30th through July 7th, and everyone is reminded not to pet the seeing-eye dogs since this will distract them from doing their jobs. Senator Tom Harkin, the author of the Americans With Disabilities Act, will be the conference keynote speaker.