Many Iowans will see their monthly bills drop if the Federal Reserve Board does -as predicted by some economists- and drops interest rates today. Creighton University economist Dr. Ernie Goss says he thinks the short-term rates will be cut since the economy still isn’t picking up.While some analysts think today’s rate cut will be a half-point, Goss thinks it’ll just be a quarter-point cut. That would be the sixth cut this year or two-and-three-quarter percentage points since January.The announcement is expected on interest rates about 1:15 this afternoon. Goss says the interest rate cut could have a positive effect on many Iowans.He says people with home equity lines tied to the prime rate will see an immediate cut in rates, as will people who carry over credit card debt and those who have car loans. Goss says Iowans who are hoping for a break on their mortgages -won’t- see an immediate impact as those are long-term loans.