Iowa’s Attorney General was among those who pressed for the break-up of Microsoft, and Tom Miller refuses to concede defeat after an Appeals Court ruled in Microsoft’s favor. A judge had labeled Microsoft an illegal monopoly, and order its break-up, but the U-S Court of Appeals threw that out today, and ordered a new judge to decide what the penalty should be. Miller says there’s a chance that new judge will see Microsoft as a monopoly. He says there’s still a good argument for breaking the company up.Miller says the computer giant needs to be penalized for anti-competitive practices. He says anything short of that remedy would be futile and a waste of court time. Miller says the best penalty is to split the company in two.Miller participated in a national telephone news conference this afternoon.While the Appeals Court reversed the ruling that split Microsoft in two, the judges’ ruling still concluded Microsoft has a monopoly in the computer market that violates U-S anti-trust laws.