You feed them, take them to the vet…but do you know how to give emergency first aid to your pet? Red Cross and Animal rescue League of Iowa are teaming up to offer classes to animal owners. Similar to CPR, if your pet chokes or quits breathing,you could save its life by acting quickly instead of waiting to take it to the vet. Rescue League spokeswoman Heather Starr says pet animals suffer from the heat just like people do.She says in a hot car, they could suffer stroke or brain damage, or even die. The Red Cross and Animal Rescue League will team up this weekend at a capital city festival to get their message across.Though the Arts Festival discourages pets, some people bring them, and the dogs can become stressed and overheated. The booth will have shade, water, and volunteer vets. Starr says the Red Cross is starting pet first-aid classes in Des Moines, and can arrange them in other cities if a number of people want to attend.