Today is the first day on the job for Iowa State University’s new president, Gregory Geoffroy. He enters amidst plans to lay-off 160 I-S-U staff to deal with budget shortfalls. Geoffroy says one of his strengths is the ability to listen to the views of others and make strong decisions.Geoffroy will not revise the planned cutbacks. He says the gameplan has been carefully developed over the last several months, and while it’s not pleasant, he says it is a good plan.Geoffroy says his over-all goal is to make Iowa State the best Land-grant University in the nation.Geoffroy, who comes to I-S-U from the University of Maryland, is a chemist by training. He says scientists are trained to be very analytic and rely on data when making decisions. He says that characterizes the way he makes decisions.Geoffroy is the 14th President of Iowa State University.