About one hundred of the new Iowa Lottery ticket terminals are still out-of-order. The machines were installed over the weekend as part of a 47-million dollar upgrade, but Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer says a variety of problems have arisen including problems with telephone lines or the internal wiring of the stores.There are about 27-hundred lottery outlets statewide, so Neubauer says having a few glitches with the machines was anticipated. She says the troubles should be rectified very quickly.The new red terminals replaced the familiar green Iowa Lottery machines which had been ka-chunking out Powerball tickets since 1990. Neubauer says some retailers are selling just scratch-off tickets for now and they won’t be able to cash prizes. To make up for the inconvenience, on Monday, July 16th, Iowa Lottery players who make a purchase of at least one-dollar in Freeplay Replay, Pick-3 or the 100-thousand dollar Cash Game will receive one extra play free for the same game.