A familiar name is included in the Department of Natural Resources weekly list of beaches closed for high bacteria levels. The beach at Backbone State Park in Delaware County is among three that’re closed this week. D-N-R spokesman Steve Pennington says they haven’t been able to find a solution to the problem at Backbone. He says they’ve tested several areas of the lake, but they haven’t been to identify and specific source of bacteria.Pennington says they believe there’s just too much stuff flowing into the lake when it rains. He says the lake has a huge watershed which can bring a lot of things into the lake.Pennington says Backbone appears to be the exception to the rule in their testing program, as it’s the only lake they consistently see a high level of bacteria. He says closing the beach does hurt the use of the park some, but he says there’s plenty of other things that draw visitors. The other beaches close this week are: Lake Darling State Park and Bobwhite State Park. Warning signs for high bacteria will be posted at Beed’s Lake State Park in Franklin County; Crandall’s Beach in Dickinson County and Red Haw State Park in Lucas County. Swimming is still allowed at those beaches.