The Post Office Board of Governors this week decided not to drop Saturday mail delivery. It had been one proposal to save money for the U-S Postal Service, but regional spokesman Richard Watkins says he heard plenty of feedback from Midwesterners.He thinks reaction was strong in the Midwest because so many residents and businesses depend on the service. Watkins says the post office, like many other agencies and businesses, is looking at ways to update. The USPS is working under a 31-year-old statute, though few businesses are operating the same way they did three decades ago. That’s why the Post office is looking for ways to cut costs of its service. Watkins says the idea of five-day delivery is dead, but the Postal Service will keep trying out other ideas.Watkins says the Postal Service would never try to save money by calling a halt to rural free delivery for customers in the countryside. The chair of the Postal Service Board of Governors said this week that the slowing economy and high gas prices have put pressure on the Post Office, which has halted virtually all construction nationwide.