Several northeast Iowa communities may get an improved water system. Buchanan County Economic Development Director George Lake says the communities have wanted to upgrade their water systems for some time.The cities indicated in a survey three years ago that they wanted a water system for their communities. Lake says the residents of those communities now get water from a variety of different shared wells. He says they’re looking to model the system after the Central Iowa Water Association.They’re working with the cities of Stanley, Aurora, Rowley, Quasqueton and Masonville. Lake says rural residents would also be able to hook into the new system. He says it would provide better water than what’s coming out of the wells.The water will be softened and treated so all discoloration, rust and odor is removed. Lake says they’ll get help from the U-S Department of Agriculture to pay for the system.Lake says they plan to go door-to-door to survey residents to assess the financial needs of the communities. He says they won’t know the total cost of the project until that assessment is complete.