Hundreds of Korean War veterans from western and central Iowa are gathering in Des Moines today for a “thank you” ceremony from a group of South Koreans. Organizers of the event say the number of veterans who’ll attend has snowballed to over 700 people who now plan to attend.Randi Paporello is helping coordinate the event which is bringing about 90 South Korean college students to Iowa so they can express their gratitude to the American veterans. Paporello says each veteran will be handed an individual honorarium gold medallion, Paporello has talked with many of the hundreds of Korean War veterans from Iowa who will attend the ceremony and says they’re all in agreement that it’s a positive event.A Korean cultural exhibit opens at 4 p-m at the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines, while the medallion ceremony begins at 6 p-m. A similar event was held in Davenport on Tuesday. The South Koreans are making several stops in the U-S as they honor the veterans who helped to liberate their country.