Des Moines police have a man wanted in at least seven holdups in the capital city, but they had to go all the way to Missouri to get their man. Sergeant Bruce Elrod says last week a warrant was issued for 35-year-old Wayne Shelton and officers spotted him at a casino in Osceola.They stopped him on the Interstate outside Osceola, he took off, and they finally caught him just across the border in Missouri. Sergeant Elrod says Shelton’s been implicated in the robberies of a restaurant, a hotel, three banks and a nail shop, all committed since early June.A woman with him during three of the holdups was also arrested and charged. Sergeant Elrod says there may be grounds for a “third strike” charge that will put Shelton away for good.Elrod says in the man’s adult life, he’s only been outside prison four months at the longest, a real career criminal. Elrod says it looks like all the money from the holdups is gone, spent on two new cars and gambling. Shelton and the woman are both in the Polk County jail, and Sergeant Elrod says one more arrest may be forthcoming in connection with the mini-crime wave.