Two former Northern Iowa football players find themselves at opposite ends of their N-F-L careers. Defensive lineman Bryce Paup, a native of Scranton, is a free agent. Paup’s trying to decide if he wants to continue playing. He says after 11 years, the game is starting to change. He says he still has his health and his family is getting older, so he’ll make a decision soon.Another former UNI defensive player, Mark Farley, is now coaching the Panthers. Paup says he has faith Farley will rebuild the program.While Paup is nearing the end of his pro career, quarterback Ryan Helming is just getting started. The former Panther signal caller has signed on as a free agent with Kansas City. Helming feels he held his own in a recent minicamp with the Chiefs.Helming says the pro game is a lot different from college as everyone is good and there are no easy downs.Both players were in Waterloo this past weekend for a UNI golf outing.