The NASA Food Technology Center at Iowa State University is expecting a special package in the mail soon.The center wanted something unusual for its display at the Iowa State Fair next month and convinced NASA in Houston to loan out an Apollo space suit. Center director Tony Pometto isn’t sure if the 1970s-era artifact was used in orbit — or if it was used at all. It’s the style of suit that would’ve been worn on the Moon for an E-V-A, or extra vehicular activity. Pometto says it’s valued around 30-thousand dollars, but with the life support hardware and other gadgetry, it’d be worth about a million. The white suit will be displayed at the fair in a plastic case. Pometto says he asked for the suit some time ago and lucked out.Don’t bother asking to try it on. Pometto says even he isn’t allowed to touch the suit, except with special gloves, to keep it in flawless condition. The I-S-U center is involved in research for NASA, developing foods that could be grown on space outposts. One focus of research is on soybeans that may soon be grown aboard the International Space Station.