Gasoline sales and car sales fell in Iowa last year. That means the state didn’t collect as much tax money as expected for the account that finances road construction. Department of Transportation planner Gene Jones, says the “road use tax fund” — which includes money from fuel taxes and vehicle registrations — decreased less than one percent. Planners has forecast a four-percent growth in the fund and it’s the first time the fund has dropped since 1981.Jones says the decrease cuts about 20 million dollars from the road building budget. And, he says the end of the bumpy road isn’t in sight. They’re forecasting a decrease in 2002 of 20-30 million dollars and 30 to 40 million dollars annually each year through 2005.Jones says the decrease mirrors Iowa’s slowing economy.Fuel tax collections were down about one-point-four percent, while vehicle registration fees were down about five percent.