It’s been six weeks since some areas of Iowa have seen significant rainfall, and residents statewide are being urged to conserve water. Last week, Iowa’s largest water supplier set a new record for demand. L-D McMullen, general manager of the Des Moines Water Works, hopes Iowans will cut back on their water use, especially during peak times.McMullen says the peak hours for water use are between 6 and 8 a-m and between 6 and 9 p-m. He encourages residents anywhere in Iowa to water their lawns late at night or before 6 a-m to reduce demand, although he says night watering can increase the risk of molds and mildew on the grass and garden. He says with proper controls, the watering can be done without problems.Water-saving devices are being sold that a homeowner can put inside their toilet tanks, but McMullen says those gadgets are only effective on older, bigger toilets. New toilets already have reduced the amount of water they use.The Des Moines Water Works serves Iowa’s largest city and four central Iowa counties. Last Friday’s peak demand was 80-point-7 million gallons, though the facility has the ability to pump 100-million gallons. The Friday peak broke a record set in July of 1996.