The State Racing and Gaming Commission voted Thursday to retain the group that’s been promoting greyhound racing in Iowa. But, Commission members indicated they would like to see an end to bickering over purses and they way the sport is promoted. The “Iowa Greyhound Association” will continue as the organization promoting the sport. I-G-A’s leader, Tom Timmons, says he heard the Commission’s message “very loud and clear” and says he’ll make an effort to bring people together.Timmons says there are ways to bring people back to greyhound racing. He says racing won’t ever be back to their glory days with the casinos now competing for money, but he says they can improve.Bob Lorber leads the “Greyhound Racing in Iowa Association” which made a failed bid to take over the greyhound promotion. Lorber isn’t sure what happens next for his group. He says they’ll have a board meeting to discuss the future. Lorber doesn’t think much will change for the dog tracks in Council Bluffs and Dubuque.The Racing and Gaming Commission voted 3-2 to retain I-G-A as the organization that’ll promote Iowa greyhound racing.