Now there’s a way to make sure your doctor hasn’t been disciplined for professional problems. The state Board of Medical Examiners does post a list of those disciplined by the board. The site is www.docboard-dot-org. Ann Mowery, executive Director of the Board of Medical Examiners, says a prospective patient can type in the doctor’s first and last name to find if he or she has ever been disciplined. The state board of Medical Examiners, which is charged with investigating complaints and administering discipline, has a list of doctors charged with offenses.The website is and there’s a list including a “doc-finder” button. Mowery says the agency will investigate if a doctor seems to be breaking rules, mishandling drugs, harming patients, or be impaired by alcohol or drug use. Mowery says not every complaint results in punishment for a doctor.Sometimes a doc makes a mistake and won’t be disciplined. But people shouldn’t be discouraged from complaining if they think there’s a problem because when the board sees more than one report it may recognize a pattern of trouble. The board took 53 formal and 80 informal disciplinary actions against Iowa doctors last year. There are about ten thousand doctors practicing in the state.