A legislator from Des Moines says he’ll introduce legislation in January to make it illegal to leave a child under the age of six alone in a vehicle. State Senator Matt McCoy says the legislation is a response in part to the case of the Perry mother whose daughter died after being left in a hot mini-van.He says it’s not just the danger of being in a hot car — it’s also about children putting a car in gear, or getting run over after leaving the car. McCoy, a democrat, says children are left unattended in cars all the time.He says there would be an exception for parents who leave a teenager in the car to watch younger kids wouldn’t be charged. McCoy will propose a maximum 100 dollar fine for the offense.The money from the fines would fund an awareness campaign to warn parents about the dangers of leaving kids in cars. McCoy says 11 states have passed such legislation, and another six have bills in the works.