Sports fans are mourning the death of Minnesota Vikings tackle Kory Stringer. Stringer died early this morning when his internal organs failed, a result of heat stroke after practicing in the heat yesterday in Mankato, Minnesota. North Iowa Area Community College football coach Dick Ramsey says the death of a Pro Bowl player will make coaches at all levels think. Ramsey says today’s coaches are more aware of the dangers of dehydration and heat stroke. He says “old school” coaches didn’t give the players any water, or put lemon juice in the water to discourage players from drinking it.Ramsey says the more water the better when practicing or playing in heat.Ramsey alters the practice schedule during hot weather. He says they usually go without pads, or with just helmets when it’s too hot.The Vikings were practicing in full pads yesterday. Stringer’s death follows the recent deaths of two college freshman football players practicing in Florida. A freshman football player at the University of Florida died of heat stroke last Wednesday and a Florida State player collapsed and died during spring drills last February.