Governor Tom Vilsack’s gotten an assurance from California’s Governor that he won’t actively seek out foreign sources of corn-based ethanol. Californians are reportedly looking at Brazil as a source for ethanol to blend with fuel, but Vilsack says California Governor Gray Davis said while some refiners might explore the idea, Davis wouldn’t recommend it.Vilsack spoke with reporters by phone from Rhode Island, where he’s attending the National Governors Association meeting. The Association endorsed a nationwide energy policy this morning. He says the plan reflects a balance between the need for conservation, energy efficiency, more production of traditional fuels along with a need for more production of renewable fuels.Vilsack says the governors’ report differs from President Bush’s energy policy as it focuses on conservation and alternative energy sources rather than focusing on new drilling sites for traditional fossil fuel. He says there’s no discussion in the document about drilling in wildlife areas. Vilsack says there was no consensus among the governors on the issue.The U-S Energy Secretary met with the nation’s governors this morning. Iowa and other corn-producing states are hoping Californians start purchasing ethanol soon. M-T-B-E, the oil-based competitor of ethanol, is being phased out in California and other states because it contaminated water supplies.