A national t-v show will focus attention on precautions to ward off an outbreak of “foot and mouth” disease at the Iowa State Fair. A reporter, producer and camera crew from A-B-C’s “Nightline” were on the state fairgrounds Tuesday. They shot video of livestock being checked in at the fair and interviewed the veterinarians who were inspecting the animals and checking health certificates. State Ag Secretary Patty Judge was questioned, too. Judge says they had a good discussion and she hopes they do a positive story. Judge says she was asked repeatedly how she felt about the situation today compared to six months ago when the outbreak in Britain was at its peak. Judge says she feels much better now than she did early this spring. Judge says the state has hired a veterinarian to focus on foreign animal diseases and last month officials staged a drill to test the plan of response should there be an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Iowa. Judge says U-S farmers are on higher alert and readiness.Judge says it appeared to her the “Nightline” crew was impressed by the health precautions, and how clean the animals and the livestock stalls were. She says it will be interesting to see what the program actually runs on the air. Judge says it’s very unlikely an outbreak of “foot and mouth” would be traced to a livestock show. The segment is scheduled to air on “Nightline’s” Thursday edition.