A Notre Dame professor has put together a book and compact disc highlighting many of the most memorable finishes in college football. Ted Mandell got the idea for “Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys: 100 of the Greatest College Football Finishes” after touring the college football hall of fame in South Bend. The CD features the actual play-by-play calls from 64 of the 100 games and the book goes into detail about the play and how it was set-up.Mandell says the audio clips also try to set up the final play and he uses as an example the infamous California touchdown through the Stanford band in 1982. He says the lead up to the play actually creates the drama.Mandell says his first intent was to write the book but as the project moved along he started to compile audio clips that help drive home the drama.Mandell says it was difficult to pick just one hundred of the best finishes since 1970 and says they are not listed in any particular order.Among the audio clips is Iowa’s 1987 last-second victory at Ohio State.