A statewide agency that fights litter is hoping to make an impression on Iowans at the State Fair. Sarah Rassmussen of “Keep Iowa Beautiful” says the people who clean up trash at the fair are sporting t-shirts with the organization’s name on them.Vendors also have “Keep Iowa Beautiful” signs up and they’re giving out trash bags for people to put in their cars. Rasmussen says they’re conducting a contest that they hope will make people think about the trash they generate. She says the contest asks people to guess how much trash is generated this year at the State Fair. Rassmussen says attempts to recycle the trash at the fair failed as people didn’t follow directions in putting recyclable items in different bins. She says that mirrors what happens in other areas, as there needs to be more education about recycling.For more information on “Keep Iowa Beautiful” you can check out their webpage at: www.keepiowabeautiful.com.