The Center for Science in Public Interest charges food labels are so misleading, it’s hard for consumers to make healthy choices. Mary Steffensmier, spokesperson for the Iowa Dietetic Association, says consumers need to check the fine print.For example, Quaker Oats brand oatmeal uses colored dried apples in their Peaches ‘n Cream and Strawberries n’ Cream flavored oatmeals instead of real peaches and strawberries. Steffensmier says this is misleading, yet there isn’t much difference health-wise.Another thing Steffensmier says to watch out for is serving sizes on food labels. She says the serving size measurement may vary from product to product.Steffensmier says consumers need to remember the nutrition facts on products are averages, and there will be some variance. She also adds that if consumers find ingredients that are not listed on product labels, they should report their findings to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.