An Omaha man was shot and killed by police at a men’s’ soccer game in Council Bluffs on Sunday afternoon. Witnesses say 41-year-old Jose Marcos-Santos tried to break up a post-game fight by firing a gun in the air. Police Captain Jerry Roth says officers responded to a call of shots being fired. He says the man fired at least two rounds before police got there.Three other people were hurt, one was stabbed and the other two were hit by gunfire, though it’s unclear if they were shot by the gunman or by police. The following man, who played in the soccer match and did not want to be identified, says threats were made against his soccer team.The teams were reportedly made up of Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants. One of the people who was shot is in critical condition. All three of the injured men are from Omaha. Some 500 people were at the match at Harvey’s Sports Complex.