An attorney and free lance writer in Thibodeaux, Louisiana has written a book detailing the effort of ten players to make an N-F-L roster. “One Dream: The NFL” chronicles the story of ten undrafted rookies who attempted to make the 2000 New Orleans Saints, including former Iowa State defensive tackle Robert Brannon. Woody Falgoux says he chose to focus on the undrafted rookies because, unlike the coaches and star players, they have the most to lose. He says they’re fighting for their lives. Falgoux says the book highlights the reality that while so many want to play in the N-F-L, so few ever make it. He says every team starts with 80 or 90 guys and that’s eventually cut in half. He says for every Kurt Warner, there are thousands who don’t make the team. Falgoux says Brannon reported to camp overweight and then suffered a mild concussion on the first day of workouts.So, he was in trouble at the start, but Falgoux says by the end of the camp he had improved dramatically.Falgoux says his book tells a story that is normally not heard in training camps as the “mainstream media” doesn’t have the time to cover it.Falgoux says to highlight how long the odds are of making an N-F-L roster, none of the players featured in his book landed a roster spot with the Saints.