Powerball tickets are selling at a rate of 14-hundred per minute today as Iowans gamble on shot at the nine-digit jackpot. Only three Iowans have won the Powerball jackpot since the game began in 1992 but many tens of thousands are hoping to be the fourth. The Iowa Lottery’s Mary Neubauer says the jackpot’s 100-million-dollar allure has ticket sellers extremely busy.Neubauer says the ticket-buying frenzy could be worse by Saturday if there’s not a winner tonight. The jackpot will roll over and could grow by another 20 or 30-million dollars by then. Neubauer says Powerball sales are particularly brisk since last Saturday.Neubauer says Powerball ticket sales at the Lottery booth at the Iowa State Fair during the past four days exceeded 21-thousand dollars — that’s nearly four times the rate from last year.