So you’ve won the Powerball jackpot. Before you start to celebrate, you’d better call a lawyer and an accountant. The attorney can offer advice on navigating the minefield of people who’ll want to seperate you from that heap of money. The accountant can help you make decisions about whether to take the 110-million dollar lump sum payment or the full 200-million at eight-million a year for 25 years. Tom Thompson, president of the Iowa Society of C-P-As said he’d offer services like estate planning, tax planning, donations to charity and creating educational funds for children and grandkids. Thompson has heard the tales about lottery winners who burn through their millions in no time and are left worse off than before they won. Thompson says he believes that wouldn’t have happened if the people had hired an accountant.Iowa Lottery officials say tonight’s Powerball jackpot is projected to be the second largest in the game’s history.