There’s a black-tie fundraiser in Des Moines tonight, though the tie may be made of black leather. Tonight’s fundraiser for the American Cancer Society includes a chance to win a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The Des Moines fundraiser is titled “Into the Night” and includes hors d’ouevres, temporary airbrush tattoos and live music at Des Moines’ Val-Air Ballroom.It’s a spoof on black-tie so bikers and wannabes are coming in their motorcycle gear. Butler says she knows plenty of people who support good causes, though their interest in motorcycles could make them appear nontraditional.Butler says it’s true that many bikers don’t fit the image of the “Hells Angels” of two or three decades ago. The Cancer Society “Into the Night” fundraiser is 60-dollars a ticket, beginning at six tonight at Des Moines’ Val-Air ballroom.