The Iowa Corn Growers Association is asking farmers with biotech corn to plan ahead as the harvest looms. Spokeswoman Paula Chizek says the I-C-G-A wants to avoid the same problems caused last year by the genetically engineered “StarLink” corn. StarLink was not approved for human consumption, but ended up being found in food and corn stored across the country.Chizek says they’re encouraging farmers who’re growing “Roundup Ready” corn this year to make plans to keep it segregated from other corn. She says it’s important the genetically modified corn doesn’t taint other corn that’s going to be sold to important markets.She says they’re specifically concerned about European markets, which do not accept genetically modified corn. Chizek says the association stills supports the use of genetically engineered crops, but feels that market disruptions caused by improperly managed corn will set back the technology and hurt the entire corn market.