Iowa corn growers and top government officials will meet in West Des Moines tomorrow for a conference on ethanol. Organizers say speakers will include D-N-R chief Jeff Vonk, Ag Secretary Patty Judge and Lieutenant Governor Sally Pederson.That’s D-N-R spokeswoman Julie Tack, who’s helping organize the Wednesday event called “Ethanol: Fueling Iowa’s Economy.” Researchers will be unveiling an in-depth study at the event which details ethanol’s impact on Iowa’s economy.The study will showcase specific economic benefits from the corn-based fuel on Iowa — including jobs created and annual economic activity. Tack says the “emerging” product known as E-diesel doesn’t have to do with e-mail or the World Wide Web: it’s a new type of fuel.She says E-diesel promises dramatic reductions in pollution, especially the thick, black smoke associated with traditional diesel fuel. The conference runs from 8 a-m to 4:30 p-m Wednesday at the Farm Bureau Federation office in West Des Moines. Call (515) 281-7018 for more information.