Traffic signals in Davenport are using new technology which saves electricity, makes the lights brighter and has snagged a national award. A traditional traffic light uses a 135-watt incandescent bulb, which pulls a lot of power. Now, traffic signals at 170 intersections in Davenport have new “Light Emitting Diodes” or L-E-Ds instead of the old bulbs. It’s a MidAmerican Energy test project. Kevin Waetke, a spokesman for the utility,says the L-E-Ds use just two percent of the power the old bulbs used — saving the city of Davenport about 20-thousand dollars a year in electricity costs. He says the bulbs also burn down and not out as they get older.Waetke says motorists notice the red, green and yellow of the lights are brighter, which improves safety. The L-E-Ds last up to 12 years. MidAmerican Energy’s stoplight project in Davenport has earned the utility an award from the U-S Environmental Protection Agency.