An American Medical Association study finds excessive drinking is considered a serious threat by 95-percent of parents sending kids to college. The University of Iowa is among ten universities taking part in an A-M-A-led effort to curb binge drinking. Julie Phye is director of the U-of-I’s “Stepping Up” project.She says the group is working with students, business leaders, law enforcement officials, prevention and treatment specialists, religious groups and parents. Phye says the project’s goals are being met at the Iowa City institution.Students are being offered more evening “alternative” activities so they don’t feel like going to the bars is all there is to do. U-of-I residence halls went alcohol-free last year, and earlier this month, Iowa City leaders enacted tough new restrictions on bars.While the A-M-A study found 95-percent of parents said binge drinking is a “serious threat” to their children, 85-percent of respondents said easy access to alcohol in college towns is the prime problem. About 44-percent of college students admit to binge drinking, about one-quarter say they do it frequently.