State officials are encouraging Iowans to use a computer rather than a mailbox to submit all sorts of tax documents. Renee Mulvey of the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance says “e-services” save taxpayers’ time.Mulvey says rather than calling the state, asking for a tax form, waiting for it to be delivered, then mailing it back, you can just go to the state’s website, and point and click to file. Mulvey says it’s making life easier for the self-employed as they can do so many things on-line.Mulvey says while it’s convenient and speedier for taxpayers, her agency benefits, too. Rather than storing stacks of paper files, the Department of Revenue and Finance can keep records on tiny computer discs. Mulvey says the state saves money with electronic filing because it takes fewer workers to process the data. Mulvey says another benefit for taxpayers is that it’s very hard to make a mistake on electronically filed documents. Mulvey says the ultimate goal is to have all taxes filed electronically. The state collects all kinds of taxes, from the gambling boats and tracks, from individuals and from businesses.