For some people at this time of year, Iowa’s not a place to grow — it’s a place to sneeze. Pollen counts in parts of the state have spiked in the past few days in the 860s. For anyone who doesn’t follow those charts, that’s the allergic equivalent of a 120-degree day with a heat index of 160. Des Moines allergist Dr. James Wille is keeping busy, treating people with itchy, watering eyes, headaches, runny noses and sneezing fits.Dr. Wille says this is the time of year when the ragweed pollens strike allergy sufferers the hardest. On the bright side, he says it should only last perhaps two more weeks. He says you don’t have to go to a specialist to get relief.Dr. Wille says many good allergy medications do not require a prescription but he recommends sufferers first consult at least a pharmacist to ensure there’s no conflict with other medications they’re taking.