As more threatening weather looms today, residents in northeast Iowa are cleaning up from the twister that struck near Arlington, Aurora and Lamont last night. Todd Tharp, activities director at Starmont School near Strawberry Point, says students were gathered for a volleyball game near the school when the tornado made its appearance about 6:30 p-m. Tharp says everyone was hustled safely inside but in the process, he couldn’t help but watch the spectacular scene as the tornado spun nearby. It hit electrical wires and crossed Highway 3, hitting more wires and buildings.No one was reported hurt in the twister, or twisters, that struck last night in Buchanan, Bremer, Clayton and Fayette Counties. Garages were blown over and one home lost its roof near Aurora, many farm outbuildings were flattened, but Tharp says the school had no significant damage — only heavy rain.Another home near the town of Bremer in Bremer County was badly damaged, along with many trees, power lines and crops across the region.