Local 164 of United Steelworkers of America announced Friday afternoon that negotiators have reached a tentative agreement with Titan Tire Company of Des Moines. Union President John Peno says, after 39 months, the agreement looks good including a pension plan and early retirement for some workers. The contract has changes in overtime and job security, and he’s pleased after three years with the movement of both sides. Peno says it will take time to print up the new proposed contract and get it to all the union members to read, consider, and finally cast a vote. It’ll take a few days to review it and then there will be meetings on September 18 and 19 and a vote after each meeting on the contract. If they workers approve it, they could be back at work in a few weeks.They’ll start right away but logistically they can’t all come back at once; after pre-employment physicals, all could be back in 60 days. More than 650 workers walked out on May first of 1998.