The Iowa State Cyclones scored three touchdowns in a less than four-minute span in the opening half and cruised past Northern Iowa 45-0 in the Cyclones’ season opener. In his first start at quarterback, Seneca Wallace was solid for the Cyclones. Wallace finished with 95-yards of rushing and completed five of 11-passes and coach Dan McCarney was impressed with the poise he displayed. McCarney says that’s the way Wallace has looked every day in practice, confident, yet not in a bragging way.McCarney says there are areas that need immediate improvement, such as running the football and stopping the run.McCarney says this week’s game against Iowa will answer a lot of questions for both teams.Northern Iowa coach Mark Farley says the Cyclones are a good football team and his team did a good job until the “Seneca Wallace” show started.Farley says there were some positive moments in the opening half but turnovers were costly. He says they moved the ball well against a good defense, but turned it over when they got into the “red zone.”