There were long lines at gas stations as Iowans reacted to rumors that gas prices would skyrocket. Governor Tom Vilsack held a news conference last night to debunk those rumors.Vilsack says there were no attacks on crude-oil refineries or transports, and pipelines are operating normally. Vilsack says the supply of gasoline is adequate and completely normal. Iowa Petroleum Marketing Association V-P Ron Marr says no refineries have been shut down, and wholesale price increases amount to only five dollars a barrel. Marr condemns any gas station owner who tries to make a profit off a terrorist act. Debbie Garner was among those who swamped the streets around the pumps in Des Moines. She says she actually needed gas and hoped not to run out before getting to the pump.Brian Connett heard a rumor gas prices were five-dollars a gallon in Omaha, and worried prices would skyrocket in Des Moines, too. He says he had no idea there’d be a run on gas.Darrel Schwartz was in line to buy gas in Algona, and wants the terrorists tracked down. Schwartz says they should find them and “blow ’em all away”